Bob Takano

Deborah Robinson took up weightlifting at an age when most people are struggling with physical activity.
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Bob Takano, Greg Everett, and Ursula Garza Papandrea have paved the way for coaches around the world.
Although many lifters would love to have the technical proficiency demonstrated in this lift, I found a couple of points that could make it even better next time around.
This variant is especially help for those lifters learning the proper snatch pulling technique from the floor, which is the most difficult portion of the lift to master.
This exercise is especially valuable for those athletes that have difficulty placing the jerk directly overhead due to range of motion issues, but mainly due to improper conceptualization.
One of the functions of the coaching eye is to detect an error during the heat of battle. If you see your lifter making an error that is correctible, how do you help them fix it?