body awareness

The take-home message here is simple: sometimes you have to be willing to listen to your body and back off.
Immerse yourself into the work without expecting any immediate outcome.
Could there really be a moral obligation to respect and train our physical bodies?
How do we know what, if anything, is functionally wrong with us?
Many competitors compete to be judged—I want to be freed.
There is more to your time on the mat than going through a few stretching poses.
Does the absence of the bench press in your programming spell certain doom regarding your “gains?”
Anatomy and Yoga: A Guide for Teachers and Students, creates an skillful approach to teaching the complexities of anatomy for fitness enthusiasts and yogis of all levels.
Meditation is a scientifically proven way of enhancing your mental performance.
Train with awareness to move with precision, accuracy, and control.
Chasing a rigid definition of the textbook rep isn't helping your body.
If you took a video of yourself working out, would it match the image you have in your head?
Having mirrors in your gym can be good for reflection, but bad for form. Shatter technique issues by teaching self-awareness.
Lack of core strength and hip stability can be debilitating to runners - don't let this happen to you.
Jill discusses good pain versus bad pain, breaks myths about fascia, and explains how you can do too much rolling, plus much more.
Use this running mobility drill to improve your gait and create a more efficient running stride.
Through these practice I no longer stress about being perfect. Instead, I love my body for simply existing.