body composition

It's time to renegotiate the terms of your relationship with the demon on your bathroom floor.
An overly-simplistic relationship between calories in and calories out doesn't cut and the scientific realities of weight loss are not that hard to understand so, learn a better way.
A clean bulk is one thing, but gains so slow you can't measure them might not be useful.
A calorie deficit is necessary to reveal those abs, but being hangry all the time isn't.
You can spend your energy chasing prepackaged solutions, or you can dig deeper and address your core issues.
The ideal approach for most people's goals is to get the most work done in the smallest amount of time.
As we get more experienced, sometimes we lose sight of mastering the simple things in our quest for complexity.
Chasing some new diet dogma isn't going to fix your underlying issues.
If we want a healthier nation, we can't keep treating people who take care of themselves as freaks.
Perfect macro meals can include more than plain chicken breast and rice.
"Freshman 15" is a term that refers to the weight college students tend to gain during their freshman year.
Most people don’t need expensive equipment and complicated programming to reach their goals.
Here's the dirt on clean eating: there are problems with restrictive diets that go beyond bad semantics.
The Mayo Clinic is getting behind a new body composition app in hopes of replacing BMI.
Most fad diets fail because you don't learn anything.
The advice you've been getting from the magazines and your girlfriends may be exactly what's holding you back.
Despite mountains of scientific evidence and all common sense, some gym legends refuse to go away.