Making the client feel included in the assessment and programming process makes them feel important and creates better buy-in and better results.
A successful warm-up should improve your performance and help prevent pain and injuries.
There isn't any convincing evidence showing fat loss causes metabolic damage; however, observations are more indicative of reversible adaptive thermogenesis.
Part one of this four-part series to improve your recovery will concentrate on why stress is a double-edged sword and how to manage it.
How to differentiate between building muscle for looks and building muscle for function.
Even though you are confined to the four walls of your home, do not let this confinement stop you from following and achieving your fitness goals.
Work harder. But really, just work harder...oh, and eat better.
The more you can train without exceeding your capacity to recover the better your results.
The guidelines to follow to optimize performance by structuring workouts and nutrition for the best results.
Fixing low estrogen in women enhances muscle recovery, strength, and performance.
Health and fitness is not a race.
The primary reason for dieting is to decrease body fat levels so it is important to find out what works for you.
A weightlifter should strive to be in the optimal weight category for their body to be able to perform the best they can.
If you want to look like a jacked, powerful, and fit person, prepare to put in the years.
Sugar, thou art a villain, but is sugar truly the bane of our existence?
In fact, those Friday and Saturday nights were false points of pride for myself, because I felt I was somehow morally superior for exercising rather than having fun.
By focusing our efforts, just as we did in the battle against cigarettes, we’ll be able to clarify directives and wither away the biggest problem.