box jumps

A small power investment pays huge dividends for you in and out of the gym.
Most of us don’t spend all that much time training to be more explosive and powerful, and we really should.
Here are some proven exercises to help create explosive power and strength in your legs.
Jumping is a very natural, simple, and massively effective means to train power.
While strength is definitely important and should be part of any runner’s off-season programming, so is the ability to develop power.
You might not want to be a sprinter, but you definitely want a sprinter's legs.
Among all the ingredients for performance, nothing sharpens the blade like adding velocity and acceleration.
Practicing jumping outside of yoga will make the small jumps in your yoga practice lighter and easier.
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Plyometrics can enhance explosiveness, power, and body control. Here's how to maximize effectiveness and safety.
In this video, Ben demonstrates five different box jump variations for you to try, along with two upper body exercises on the box.
A new study suggests leg strength carries over into plyometrics, particularly while doing drop jumps. Female rugby players could also sustain their jumps for a longer period of time.
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Working to develop explosive leg strength is the most surefire way to increase your jumping ability. Here are three skills derived from parkour that are also great for building explosive leg strength:
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Box jumps are a fascinating movement that can be an incredible display of athletic ability, but the rebound jump is a movement that should not be taken lightly.