Brandon Hofer Athlete Journal 1

I competed in the Elite class for the recent Tactical Strength Challenge, and now I'm ready for SFG 2 next week.
Three weeks out from StrongFirst, my kettlebell work is going strong and I've continued to integrate yoga in my training.
This week I share a video of one of my favorite stretches to do after a workout or yoga session.
Over the last two weeks I've made focused on the basic kettlebell exercises I'll need for the certification. I've also started the 300 swings a day challenge to supplement my training.
I felt a little slow this past week, so I’m sensing a lighter week in my near future. Overall, the press still feels good and I feel like my bent press is getting tighter.
In a few months I will be testing for the StrongFirst Level 2 Kettlebell certification. Here's how I've been programming my training for the big day.