The balance of strength and mobility across the muscles and joints of your body is what is really required when you think about the importance of posture.
Part one of this four-part series to improve your recovery will concentrate on why stress is a double-edged sword and how to manage it.
Masking is a fact of life during the era of Covid-19 but how do they impact strenuous exercise?
How do we learn to harmonize our conscious thought with the feeling and reactions within the body?
It’s about changing your impression of what difficult is, and who you are when you meet it.
Breathing can brace us for extremes of pressure and it can release us to explode out of the starting gate. Develop good habits to unleash the power of your breath.
Just because it's automatic, doesn't mean you're doing it well.
As your cardiovascular conditioning improves your breathing will regulate, and your runs will become more enjoyable.
There is more to your time on the mat than going through a few stretching poses.
The most important muscle in your body is one you probably have never thought about.
Romwod is an online training subscription platform providing range of motion training.
Many people could benefit from some simple exercises that would improve breathing, and therefore also performance.
Being aware of your breath can inform every other aspect of your life.
Air pollution can negatively impact pulmonary function, making it harder for blood to reach the lungs, so be careful where you choose to exercise.
Breathing well can act as a calming liaison between your conscious mind and your freaked-out nervous system.
Improving your focus and attention doesn't have to be time-consuming or involve sitting still.
The simple, yet highly effective art of movement for improved performance.