If you focus on your training mindset, you will develop more than just physical strength.
This article is meant to simplify calisthenics training, guide you from beginner to advanced, and show you how all levels can use your body as a paintbrush to create a masterpiece.
The fingertip push-up is a total body exercise and every muscle in the body has to work together in a beautiful concert of movement.
Sometimes gravity is the best form of resistance in your training.
How many times have you found yourself going through the motions during your workouts, not truly working at the edge of your comfort zone, either mentally or physically?
All you need to be in shape is your body, a bar, and gravity.
Instead of debating whether free-weights or calisthenics reigns supreme, first, identify your training goal.
You can avoid your aversion to long, slow, boring cardio by mixing it into your lifting.
These exercises are for everybody who is ready for a unique physical challenge.
Dialing in your form and starting with the right progressions are the key to mastering the ultimate bodyweight exercise.
Train the full range of motion to build muscular endurance and strength.
Challenge your core and maximise your pushing strength with these scaled and advanced push up variations.
Body control is an essential athletic skill, and the L-sit is an excellent tool to build it. Follow Timothy Bell's guide to holding a perfect L-sit.
Bodyweight exercise has been trending in the fitness world for some time, and with its effectiveness and versatility, there's no wonder.
Feeling up for a challenge? The dragon flag might be hard, but this variation is a different beast entirely.
Here's a push up regression that allows you to engage all the muscles required for a proper push up.
The backflip is a cool stunt - and also ideal to train body awareness and athletic power.