cardiovascular health

We must not allow our hunt for aesthetic perfection drive us away from what is healthy, to the desolate wastelands of the unwell.
The treadmill is one of those companions you should see casually like a work acquaintance—a relationship that helps you perform better at your real job.
Researchers hope to create a pill that mimics the effect of exercise and protects against obesity.
Could HIIT be the fountain of youth?
Your children's brain, muscles, bones, joints, coordination, and hormones will suffer from a lack of physical activity, but also their risk of cardiovascular health problems as an adult will increase.
Spending a bit more time in the sunlight can do wonders for the pounding in your head.
If your child is struggling at school, it's time to enroll them in a course of physical activity.
The more you take steps to prevent cardiovascular health problems now, the lower your risk later in life.
Yoga has become the new "in" workout, and for good reason.
Exercise programs help reduce inequalities in physical activity.
Certain parts of the country are more prone to certain causes of death, so choose your lifestyle carefully.
A team of researchers at Northwestern University have designed a sweat-sensing skin patch that can track exercise and fitness data, but has the unique ability of providing hydration data.
Creating a low-oxygen environment could lead to repair not only of heart muscle, but of other organs as well.
Grip strength is not only fundamental to daily function, but it looks to be be a clear indicator of cardiovascular health and mortality.
Research of hunger gatherers in East Africa shows that physical activity is approximately 14 times greater than average American.
We frequently hear about the importance of maintaining "good" cholesterol, but what does these numbers really mean?