choosing a trainer

Not everyone is rushing to get back to the gym.
Youth training is full of flash and gimmicks. Selecting the right trainer can make or break your young athlete's career.
The fitness industry is a service industry so, you better get used to demanding better service or lose out in bigger ways than you anticipated.
If you're paying someone to make you better, you should expect their commitment to match or exceed your own.
As individual as you are so are coaches and trainers. Finding a match requires some thought and insight from you.
Our rules for choosing the right gym ensure you'll never end up paying to use a dirty bathroom.
Knowledge and research are your most powerful allies when it comes to hiring a coach.
Don't be fooled by snazzy marketing. Spend time researching before you choose a trainer.
This article will arm you with the tools for making sure the place you choose suits your training needs.
I have witnessed far too much and I feel there is a desperate need to warn the general public about globo gym-style training, as it encompasses everything in strength training gone wrong.
Choosing a personal trainer can be daunting. How do you find a good one? Veteran coach Jonathan explains the five qualities a personal trainer needs to have before you trust them with your health.