clean and jerk

Snatch on toes is an excellent and challenging exercise to force the timing of your movement under the bar for the catch.
Technique and skill building continues as we end the second week of our challenge.
The most basic of lifting days with standard movements, no variation. Should be a strong day.
An active recovery day with supplemental exercises to fire up your nervous system in a different way than when you lift.
Talent without long and focused work will yield exactly the same result as no talent at all.
Power snatch, clean and jerk variations dominate the day's challenge.
Working the high pull takes precedence today.
Incorporating the high pull into a snatch or clean routine taxes the mind as well as the body.
A sequence that allows for ample technique practice while developing strength in a balanced manner.
SImple progression through all 3 lift moves with a front squat finish.
Focus on technique while developing strength in a balanced manner.
It's not about how much weight you can put on the bar, but how well, and how consistently you can move the bar.
Laurie Nelson, 72, is a champion athlete and she going to be breaking records for a long, long time to come.
Chronological age is not the most important criterion by which to determine a senior's training program.
An end of year weightlifting heavy program for intermediate and advanced users with a max 1RM finish before Christmas.
If you've caught the weightlifting bug, here's all you need to know to get started.
There's a better way to improve your Fran time than just hammering away at the daily WOD.