client assessment

Making the client feel included in the assessment and programming process makes them feel important and creates better buy-in and better results.
Motivating sluggish clients requires communication and a more individualized approach to building relationships.
Chances are, if your fitness program isn't personalized, you’re going to run into problems either with the lack of results or, worse still, injuries.
It is important to have a firm understanding of not only how to implement a training plan, but also how to track and change it over time.
No matter what type of coach you are, save yourself some headaches and keep these tips in mind.
Coaching is a tough profession and achieving long-term success is difficult. Use these proven techniques to get the most out of your athletes.
Are you a run-of-the-mill coach? Avoid mediocrity and attain excellence by applying these seven main principles to your philosophy - right now.
We talk a lot about the importance of posture in the strength world, but what does "good posture" really mean?