Jaco is on the right track regarding the overall style of the Women’s Performance Training Top, but I feel it would have been perfect for BJJ if they'd chosen a different fabric.
Here is a list of basic gear for women that I’ve tried and loved. I've included the best gear for no gi, my favorite gis, and also some hairstyle tips.
You've seen shoes with five toes, now what about socks with five toes? ToeSox offers the latest in foot gear that will aid your performance. Really, your socks can make a difference.
I always thought Mizuno was a brand just for runners. Turns out I was wrong! I got to test out a pair of tights and shorts, and I really love the shorts.
JACO clothing has expanded beyond MMA shorts to feature a full line of men's and women's apparel. I tried out a hoodie and a pair of pants, and the hoodie is now my favorite thing ever.
Love the feel of your comfy socks, but sliding all over the floor? Wish there was something warm, but safe you could wear in yoga, martial arts, or dance class? Check out ToeSox!
The challenge of finding a shoe that works well for CrossFit has been an ongoing one. I’ve never been a fan of wearing shoes in general before discovering the products made by inov-8.