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The thinking person’s barbell sport is poised for another surge in popularity.
You'd better do your homework, and your gym work, before you show up for your RKC weekend.
Your programming goal should be to intelligently lay out a plan that offers a safe, long-term approach that develops the maximum potential of your athletes.
It is our responsibility as fitness professionals to help customers learn the truth and learn to know better, despite themselves.
Kettlebells and Yoga - Creative. Fun. Fitness Flows.
If you conduct a variety of large-scale interval-type exercise sessions (group exercise and boot camp-style) you need to be organized and have a pre-set plan.
DVRT education delivers value by focusing on a clear and sensible system, not just exercises.
Without standards and quality control, your knowledge, passion, and coaching skills are for naught.
Effort-based praise can improve an athlete’s performance by creating a growth mindset.
Knowing a bit about a lot is the key to being an effective trainer.
Loaded carries can be your secret weapon in client progress and retention.
Modelling better movement is essential to bridging the gap between a coach’s and the client’s experiences.
A look into the School of Strength, and the future of the independent gym and coach.
The best teachers deliver the right cues for the right bodies.
A look beyond the fitness industry and the state of the independent gym and coach.
Success in the fitness business sometimes means getting naked.
It's the little things, done with absolute consistency, that bring the most profound rewards.
If optimizing each student's’ unique experience sounds like a lot of work, it is.