coach development

Making the client feel included in the assessment and programming process makes them feel important and creates better buy-in and better results.
Motivating sluggish clients requires communication and a more individualized approach to building relationships.
Let my pain be your gain as I’ve put together a few common mistakes trainers make at the beginning of their career.
The ability to perceive others' emotions and utilize that information in your coaching and training methods may be more important than you think.
Motivational goals have a goldilocks quality, whereby the targets that we aim for cannot be too easy, too hard, or take too long to achieve. The coach needs to get it just right.
An inspiring story about training for the special needs population.
CrossFit is too big to change overnight, and there are too many people for which there is no alternative.
As coaches, we learn best when we expose ourselves to different perspectives and challenges.
Fitness pros, like many people with no safety net in their businesses, are feeling the severe economic effects of coronavirus.
It's been over ten years since CrossFit shook up the fitness industry. Veterans of the affiliate business recently gathered to look to the future, celebrate the past, and party.
The effects low blood sugar can have on training is something both athletes and coaches need to be aware of.
Bootstrapped gyms have to be about passion, commitment, and ultimately, service to the community.
What I’ve come to learn is no matter how well rounded you attempt to be, how educated and accepting you might become, there are certain situations where a woman on your staff is the only answer.
Trainers should practice empathy, learn about what the client's dreams and goals are, dig deeper, and find their real why.
The job of a coach is never done, and that applies double to the self-coach.
A successful fitness community is centered around building relationships, not rounds, reps, or PRs.
The thinking person’s barbell sport is poised for another surge in popularity.