Coaches Only

Coaches should skip the gimmicks, and just shut up and listen to their customers.
Having mirrors in your gym can be good for reflection, but bad for form. Shatter technique issues by teaching self-awareness.
Take the time to develop your internship curriculum and watch every aspect of your facility develop and grow.
“If it is hard, then it is good for them” is the recipe for a tough team that is weak and slow. We are smarter than that.
Finding good employees is hard. Build an intern program to create a team that fits your vision and culture.
Don't short-change your athletes. Training across a full standing spectrum will increase strength without sacrificing movement and health.
A client's battle isn't always physical. Understanding mental and emotional factors can help overcome roadblocks.
The mind-body connection is critical for athletic development. How does the coach influence this heightened connection?
Wellness requires sound ethics and good sales to thrive. Time to start training your staff in a different way.