coaching cues

Proper position and movement patterns are the foundation of every athletic movement.
The best teachers deliver the right cues for the right bodies.
Don't drown your athletes in a flood of cues and information.
We're going to wrap up The Talent Code adventure by analyzing the catalytic addition of a master coach.
Many athletes rely on their defaults of mobility, speed, and power to get the job done. Instead, cultivate balanced technique in all your athletes.
Using orthoses is a great way to reinforce what the correct positions are, even when you’re not standing there making corrections.
No matter what type of coach you are, save yourself some headaches and keep these tips in mind.
From setting goals to managing your lifters at competitions, there are some guidelines to keep in mind as a coach.
Being the best coach you can be means tailoring your approach depending on how each of your students learn.
Despite what you may read, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" cue for your athletes.