competitive sports

Keep active and take this opportunity to rest and recover, take up a new hobby, and let your passion re-ignite.
With all of the technology these days you have to wonder how people get away with it.
Periodization is the ultimate tool you can use to reach your goals.
Let's dramatically increase exercise options to avoid things getting too monotonous.
Strength training and conditioning for athletes is not the same as that for the average Joe. They're in a class of their own.
Both new and old scars can affect your movement and mobility in everyday life, during sports, or in workouts.
Team sports must become a staple for all ages or communities will slip further into obesity and mental disorder.
Adaptation is when the body changes, and it’s a process, not the prize.
The rules are now set and lifters will just have to adjust to the new conditions as they always have.
Find a coach, step into the weight room, and fuel your body to become an even better athlete than you were before your injury.
Training is a necessary stressor to create a need for improvement or adaptation.
CrossFit affiliates have been at the forefront of the explosion in indie gyms around the world. Are they in for shock or awe? Maybe both?
Top officials are well into retirement age while the generation that should be replacing them is often missing in action.
Improving weaknesses in particular areas and gaining better neuromuscular balance and control should be the goal of training.
Youth training is full of flash and gimmicks. Selecting the right trainer can make or break your young athlete's career.
The benefits of catching the bar in Olympic weightlifting are not emphasized nearly enough for the value they can bring to athletes in other disciplines.