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Find a coach, step into the weight room, and fuel your body to become an even better athlete than you were before your injury.
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Top officials are well into retirement age while the generation that should be replacing them is often missing in action.
Improving weaknesses in particular areas and gaining better neuromuscular balance and control should be the goal of training.
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Recent evidence suggests that elite athletes tend to have faster, more efficient brains than non-athletes.
If you want to keep healthy joints through your training, address the body you're bringing to the box.
With the growing mentality that “strong is sexy,” more women are venturing to the weight room.
“If it is hard, then it is good for them” is the recipe for a tough team that is weak and slow. We are smarter than that.
If you are an athlete, you are your own brand - and social media is your main asset.
If we want a guidepost for the often turbulent world of sports, we can go to some of the greatest coaches of modern society. Here are five of their lessons.