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If you practice these movements and internalize the feeling when you perform the lift at full speed, the body will open with a natural fluidity into the power position.
In this video Travis talks about having a meltdown at a recent training session and how his team gets him through it, as they all prepare for competition at the CrossFit Games in July.
It's been 2 years since Ingrid had emergency open heart surgery and she is presently training for the CrossFit Games. She also just graduated last week from graduate school at the University of Texas!
As CrossFit Central prepares for the CrossFit Games, Michael shares his top 10 tips for being successful in your training.
This week Travis issues a challenge to help you increase your lifts - the month-long Band Walk Challenge. All the details are explained, so jump in and see what this simple tool can result in!
CrossFit Central continues to prepare for the games with the help of Outlaw Rudy Nielsen. Ingrid still anxiously awaits finding out whether she is on the team...but enjoys life in the meantime.
Ingrid gives a detailed wrap-up of her weekend at the CrossFit Games South Central Regional. She finished in 5th place - find out what went well and where she feels she can improve.