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This year saw the 3rd installment of the CrossFit Games Brazil. I was present as a competitor and observer. What I saw confirmed the universal athleticism and camaraderie of CrossFit.
Michael Brian captures intensity, family, and community in his photos - all in the context of fitness and athletics. Learn more about Michael and see his gallery of amazing photos.
4x CrossFit Games competitor Shana Alverson talks about the trauma of the swim component. How is it that swimming derails even the best of the best? And why is Shana calling herself out?
Travis is back and recovered from the CrossFit Games. He is still thinking about what happened and processing it all in his mind, though.
This past weekend Michael and Team CrossFit Central competed at the CrossFit Games - is Michael's CF Games dream done now? Or is he even more determined for next year?
In a last minute decision, Ingrid was taken off the CrossFit Central team this past weekend and didn't compete at the Games, but she does give us a detailed rundown of the team events.
The CrossFit Games competition season has come to an end. Winners Annie Thorisdottir and Rich Froning retained their crowns (and earned more prize money) in a repeat of last year.
I won’t make you wait for the biggest news of this post: I am not competing at the 2012 CrossFit Games. I know I told you all that I was on the team last week, but we had a few surprises.
There's no CrossFit Games without Chris Spealler, right? Well, this year he almost didn't make it. Check out this video from CrossFit HQ to learn more about the man behind the legend.
In less than a week Michael will be at the CrossFit Games, competing as a member of the CrossFit Central team. Finally, this week they got to wind down the workouts a little bit!
Only a week until Ingrid competes at the CrossFit Games! Officially a member of the CrossFit Central team, Ingrid is practicing to take on anything - ropes, walls, barbells, kettlebells, you name it!
This week Travis worked on something he hasn't done since high school - SWIMMING. It's highly likely to appear at the CrossFit Games, so no matter how unpleasant, it must be done.
Curious what Ingrid and CrossFit Central are doing so close to the CrossFit Games? The training is intense and high in volume - check out her journal!
It's heating up in Austin. Both literally in terms of temperature and figuratively as CrossFit Central has only 18 days left until they compete in the CrossFit Games.
Do you CrossFit? With less than 3 weeks until the 2012 CrossFit Games, we thought we'd build some anticipation with some of our best CrossFit pieces from our coaches and athletes.
It's only three weeks until the 2012 Games begin! Check out this highlight in case you missed the 2011 Games or just want to refresh your memory and get excited!
After experiencing a recent back injury I've been using that as inspiration to learn something as an athlete and coach. Today I share some of my tips to optimize my recovery and rehab.