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For the first three weeks following Regionals, my body was hurting badly. While my knees are still swollen, they do not hurt, and I am hitting PRs and recovering faster than ever.
Ingrid outlines her workouts in detail this week as she prepares for the CrossFit Games. She also shares the mental challenges she is encountering and the tools she uses to stay focused and confident.
In this video Travis talks about having a meltdown at a recent training session and how his team gets him through it, as they all prepare for competition at the CrossFit Games in July.
It's been 2 years since Ingrid had emergency open heart surgery and she is presently training for the CrossFit Games. She also just graduated last week from graduate school at the University of Texas!
As CrossFit Central prepares for the CrossFit Games, Michael shares his top 10 tips for being successful in your training.
This week Travis issues a challenge to help you increase your lifts - the month-long Band Walk Challenge. All the details are explained, so jump in and see what this simple tool can result in!
You don't actually have to be a competitor to be a true teammate. I have found strength in being the "peripheral teammate" and I know what I do makes a difference for my team at CrossFit LA.
CrossFit Central continues to prepare for the games with the help of Outlaw Rudy Nielsen. Ingrid still anxiously awaits finding out whether she is on the team...but enjoys life in the meantime.
Michael discusses mastery of CrossFit in the context of the 10,000 hour theory. How do you get better at CrossFit? And how much time have YOU actually dedicated?
CrossFit Central has hired a new gun to be their team coach - an Outlaw in fact. Find out how Rudy Nielsen is going about creating a winning strategy for CrossFit Central and the CrossFit Games.
Exciting things in Ingrid's world - a possible spot on the CrossFit Central team going to the Games, a new coach, and a potential focus on strength training. Changes and opportunities abound.
Get all the inside details on how CrossFit Central claimed third place at the CrossFit South Central Regionals and secured their spot to the CrossFit Games in July. Michael's CrossFit dream come true.
Travis' team earned a spot to the CrossFit Games, but it wasn't easy and they nearly didn't make it. Read his journal to experience the comeback story that was CrossFit Central!
Ingrid gives a detailed wrap-up of her weekend at the CrossFit Games South Central Regional. She finished in 5th place - find out what went well and where she feels she can improve.
As you read this Michael and his CrossFit Central teammates are competing at the CrossFit Regionals. Find out his final words and thoughts before he headed off to competition!
Next weekend is the CrossFit Games Regionals! The workouts have been announced - what are Ingrid's thoughts? Is she nervous? What looks hard and what looks do-able?
Another video from Travis - the theme is "Look Deeper and You'll Always Find Success!" Travis shares his story of how he learned a lesson from punching a cinder block wall.