crossfit regionals

Once called the conscience of CrossFit, Pat McCarty has something to say about the rumors swirling around CrossFit competition.
CrossFit affiliates have been at the forefront of the explosion in indie gyms around the world. Are they in for shock or awe? Maybe both?
CrossFit's Open and online qualifiers continue to demand greater all-round ability and challenge athletes at all levels to aim higher.
“Injuries happen in sports” is not the end of the discussion. It should be the beginning.
Some athletes finish top ten in the Open and end up somewhere near the bottom of the pack in the Regionals. Why does this happen?
In probably the most uninspired set of regional workouts yet, CrossFit has set up athletes for the shoulder ruination of the century.
Some Teen and Master's CrossFit Athletes have found themselves unfairly sidelined from the next round due to some abrupt changes from HQ.
Are we truly crowned the Fittest on Earth or do we merely have the winner of a contest with a bunch of arbitrary variables?
This year saw the 3rd installment of the CrossFit Games Brazil. I was present as a competitor and observer. What I saw confirmed the universal athleticism and camaraderie of CrossFit.
This week Travis finds the fun in fitness again, as he puts together a group of hardcore athletes to do strength work each afternoon.
Announcing the winners of the June photo contest! Read on to see the winning shots and learn how to enter the next contest.
Get all the inside details on how CrossFit Central claimed third place at the CrossFit South Central Regionals and secured their spot to the CrossFit Games in July. Michael's CrossFit dream come true.
Travis' team earned a spot to the CrossFit Games, but it wasn't easy and they nearly didn't make it. Read his journal to experience the comeback story that was CrossFit Central!
Ingrid gives a detailed wrap-up of her weekend at the CrossFit Games South Central Regional. She finished in 5th place - find out what went well and where she feels she can improve.
Next weekend is the CrossFit Games Regionals! The workouts have been announced - what are Ingrid's thoughts? Is she nervous? What looks hard and what looks do-able?
Ingrid goes swimming! Find out Ingrid's experience of combing swimming into a CrossFit workout and what she sees as the most common swim technique mistakes.
This week Travis journals via video. Watch as he talks about what it's been like to try to train through being sick, while CrossFit Games Regionals are only TWO weeks away!