A successful fitness community is centered around building relationships, not rounds, reps, or PRs.
Recently a CrossFit affiliate was called out for posting pictures of its female members on social media and you can probably guess why. Have things gone too far on social media?
To get the most from your fitness in 2018, start with an honest assessment of your needs.
Whatever the past year brought you, it's time to stay in the moment and put the lessons learned to good use in a new year.
Every struggle becomes an opportunity to help those around you.
You have to integrate fitness into your geeky lifestyle.
This is not a sport that can be taken lightly or approached with indifference.
Training smart means understanding how to work the boundaries of your redline state. Often that's more intensity without more volume with better results.
It takes adult levels of dedication and time to become a teen athlete at the highest level but, you're still a kid. Your training is going to have to be well thought out.
What is needed is for all the players to come to the table, put their competing interests and rival methodologies aside, and make some common-sense decisions and agreements.
From what we've learned, most people don’t plan to fail but they fail to plan. When it comes to having a family and being fit, that goes double.
If you listen to the wrong kind of “experts” these days, there’s a good chance you’d never try anything.
Bill and James Grundler talk about competing as brothers, breakthrough performances, and the intelligent aging athlete.
Genetic potential, mobility and strength goals help decide which squat is best for your program.
Longevity in sport begins with a positive mindset and strong relationships.
We're all on the same team. It's time we started acting like it, instead of tearing each other down.
If you want to try something new, give it a shot and don't be afraid to fail.