daily exercise

Rip away your old beliefs that food makes you fat and that lifting weights is for The Hulk.
When it's hot out, do you workout at the same intensity as you would with cooler weather or do you take it down a notch?
A large majority of us—yes, even your coaches and fitness idols—have to dig up that motivation in any way we can.
The hardest part of getting in shape is getting started.
Whether you work with kids professionally as a teacher or coach or are just a concerned parent, it’s your responsibility to show kids how to incorporate, enjoy, and crave movement.
Streamline your supplements and then pay more attention to smashing it in the gym and eating right.
Let’s choose not to rush from seat to seat, and instead embrace the joy of moving as a way of life.
While enlisting in the help of a trainer may be a great personal investment, doing so won’t necessarily solve your personal problems.
Reinforce the idea that living in a healthy way is normal, not amazing.
How do we know what, if anything, is functionally wrong with us?
Resist the allure and promises of fancy new gear to consider how it will add to and detract from your training.
Many people think they have tight hips. But is it tightness? Or is it something else?
Training is about taking the reins and working to be better, not about being a certain way.
If you want to see progress, you must move past your sticking points.
Any product you’re going to be throwing around in the gym on the regular had better be well-built, and FitShit delivers.
The ever-increasing pace of your life doesn't mean you can't get fit; it just means you need to be more creative.
Make small changes that over time will add up to something big.