Bracing the core and engaging the lats will make this exercise more tolerable and help you build up some muscles endurance
No matter what your condition, an understanding of your physical strengths and your weakness is important to your success.
Whoever you are, properly programming the hip hinge will increase your performance in and out of the gym as well as giving you an attractive, developed backside. What's not to like.
Those heavy things aren't going to lift themselves
We've talked about the ratios of the deadlift and squat in relationship to your Olympic lifts, but what about in relation to each other? If you can squat X, how much should you be able to deadlift?
Proper position and movement patterns are the foundation of every athletic movement.
The best program in the world can go off the rails when the gym is a madhouse. Here's how to adapt and overcome.
A precise balance of work in the gym will produce an athlete who can out-accelerate the competition.
When you are more in love with your athletes' success than your own ideas, you can start to change the game.
Ignoring dysfunction in your hips will allow all of your lifts to spiral out of control.
Bodybuilding's roots are in strongman training, and there's no reason not to use it still today.
The basic mechanics of rowing are not fundamentally different than those of lifting weights.
The off-season is the perfect time to address the weaknesses and imbalances brought from a year on the bike.
Whether you're pulling a hundred pounds or a thousand, physics are physics.
This program is the first step in your ongoing fight to get strong and stay that way.
Intelligent attention to the details of your plan allows you to squeeze every ounce of progress from your workouts.