dynamic balance

With these three movements you’ll be able to start on the road to mastering the mace.
Handstands are a cool party trick, they’re satisfying to learn, and they make you feel young and limber.
Play around, build strength, gain control, and move better.
If you want to be athletic, you have to know how to launch yourself and balance through the balls of your feet.
A nuance of sprinting technique might change how you coach speed forever.
Crawling as a solo drill can enhance your ability to get through guards on the mat.
If the swing and get up can improve the impressive balance of ballet dancers, chances are kettlebells can do the same for you.
In this video, Ben demonstrates four dynamic core stability exercises from the plank family - plank splits, side planks, plank side crunches, and side plank leg swings.
We know warm ups can prevent injury, but they can also be used to increase static and dynamic balance. This in turn can increase skill ability in your sport. Researchers look at soccer to prove this.