You have to take control of your fears.
Coming to the gym shouldn’t feel like a chore or punishment, but understand that progression takes many forms.
So, you're thinking of trying CrossFit. Let's delve into it and walk you through the door of your local box.
Despite being widely touted and sought after, this peak state of performance can seem undefined or inaccessible to many.
If we all know the things we're supposed to do, what stops us from doing them?
By avoiding our fears, we only make them stronger. Now is the time to change that.
Physical training can only take us so far in self-defense - we must become masters of natural fear response.
Forget about weighing yourself down with "what if" and "I can't" - just make a plan and take action toward what you want.
Pain does not come simply from our habitual mechanics. Our mental habits can cause just as many problems.
While there has long been debate over who the greatest athletes are and which sports produce them, there isn’t much discussion over which sport is the toughest sport.
Is fear stopping you from moving forward? Our physical practice can also become practice for overcoming fear in other places. For me, my practice is learning and conquering the handstand.
Plummeting to your death by falling out of crow pose is highly unlikely, as in, not likely at all. But we have a fear we hold on to that holds us back. Learn how to let this go.