fitness industry

I’ve been in fitness for a long time now and have seen many trends come and go but none as prevalent and as harmful as that of the current multi-level marketing product craze.
Some fitness groups have evolved to faction status - some even to borderline cult. It’s time to cut out all the pseudo-science and opinions and look at each faction and reveal the reality.
When you read that a study supports someone’s product just ask yourself, "What is gained from that support?" The fitness world is filled with snake oil salesman, many of them back by "science."
People act as if fitness gurus have invented fire, as if they know something no one else knows. But fire is fire and the body is the body. Experiment with both as you will, as man always has.
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I would love to tell you that we shouldn't sit around making fun of these people, but today is not that day. Today’s case in point is a few moronic fitness devices and trends. Let the games begin.
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