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When we wreck our natural walking and running pattern with popular, inadequate shoes, we open the door to pain, injury, and other obstacles of movement.
Many chronically overtrained BJJ athletes come my way with burnout, and to top it all off, they are frustrated because they can’t lose weight even with all the training.
Here are three steps you may not have considered to change your clients' mindset and get them out of pain long-term.
Vitamin D consumption and levels are a hot button issue because of the considered benefits to the immune system in the fight against Covid-19, but this isn't something we didn't already know.
Not everyone is rushing to get back to the gym.
Let's put an end to fat-shaming and our unhealthy obsession with losing weight.
For optimal health we need to go to a deeper level that encompasses so much more than just macros.
The effects low blood sugar can have on training is something both athletes and coaches need to be aware of.
Almost 50 percent of women and three-quarters of teenaged females aren’t getting enough iron from their food.
The nutrition world is shrouded in bad advice and distracted by irrelevant arguments. We need to stop looking for quick fixes and start using common sense in our pursuit of better nutrition.
Making a healthy family breakfast doesn't have to be inconvenient.