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Chances are, if your fitness program isn't personalized, you’re going to run into problems either with the lack of results or, worse still, injuries.
Training people for fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness requires emotional intelligence. Successful personal trainers have EI in abundance.
The sooner you accept that and take responsibility for your own health and fitness, the sooner you'll get lasting results.
Poor coaching is a problem, but it pales in comparison to doing nothing at all.
When it comes to deodorizing clothing spray, I can’t imagine going back to not using it.
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It was Dr. Phil who observed, “We teach people how to treat us,” and whether you like him or not, I see it all the time.
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You're a trainer or a coach and you work out on your own...but you're losing motivation! Here are 3 solutions to keep YOU fit and healthy, just like you do for your clientele.