Being aware of your breath can inform every other aspect of your life.
To have more in the bank, you may need to get you head out of your business.
There are concrete reasons why you are setting yourself up to fail every December 31st.
You can overcome the landscape of distractions and get more from each moment of your training.
We get so busy that we forget to focus on our mental health.
There is a way to show up ready to win, instead of just hoping not to lose.
Cultivating resilience may be the secret to reaching your goals.
Beyond the numbers and percentages in training, how is your brain adopting and improving your skills?
Tidying up your health and wellness mindset can transform your training from a chore to a joy.
If improving multiple skills simultaneously is an issue you struggle with, try these strategies.
Most of your training sessions consist of lots of time upside down with your nose to the wall. It’s time to take the next step.
Learn how to relax, point, and shoot at your own goals.
You might want to hold off on eating dinner before your next big poker game.
Yoga and mindfulness practices at a young age can benefit youth behavior, focus, attention span, and embodiment.
In 1988 Carl Lewis lost his focus and lost his shot at a gold medal. Why? Because he let Ben Johnson get in his head. If it can happen to someone like Carl Lewis, it can happen to any of us.
The tricky part of training is when people try to ride two horses with one ass. You can't specialize in more than one thing. Know yourself and what you want well enough and you'll know how to train.
Most athletic trainers will agree that the human mind plays an integral role in increasing strength. Achieving the mental state to lift heavier weights for longer may be a lot simpler than you think.