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The lower core muscles attach at the pelvis and pubic bone. Touch them. If you want to be able to control and strengthen these muscles you first need to build your awareness of them.
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What is Forrest yoga? I'll explain in this video what Forrest yoga is and what you can gain from the practice. We also hear straight from Ana a little bit about her philosophy.
Willow explains in detail how to do "Dolphin Pose" as well as the up-level versions, like "Dolphin Strut."
Dear Willow: I’m relatively new to the yoga scene and I read in many of your articles about your experience with a style called Forrest Yoga. What exactly is this and how do I learn more?
Crow pose can be strangely and frustratingly challenging. This week in the Dear Willow column, Willow shares a video filled with tips on finding success in Crow pose.
Welcome to part three of our video series Yoga for Athletic Guys. This week we focus on yet another area where athletic guys tend to be tight - the hips and legs.
We have four new coaches here at Breaking Muscle - a literal world-class line up: Bob Takano, Charles Staley, Hannah Caldas, and Jon Kolaska.
Athletes like to push hard and test their limits. Sometimes the best path to peak performance is actually by relaxing. Yoga can be an excellent tool for releasing and finding that performance.
Former pro-surfer turned yoga instructor Heather Tiddens talks about at first she was dubious of trying yoga, and then just one class changed the course of her life.
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The journey to self-discovery can be pitted with choices and regrets. For pro-surfer turned yoga instructor Heather Tiddens, the myriad of questions are the most valuable part of life's adventure.