functional exercise

The fireman’s carry is done with a simple technique that we should all master.
Double compound movements can be combined to create a fast and extremely powerful training effect.
This workout combines normal patterns with movement in order to reveal blind spots and keep passion alive.
In Rochester, New York, Wolf Brigade Gym is implementing a program to make sure that everyone has access to good training wherever they are, whenever, and with any means.
Increasingly, functional versus nonfunctional training looks like a distinction without a difference.
What would you do with just a barbell, yourself, and the endless expanse of Arizona desert?
Get ready to jump, run, push, pull, drag, and carry with a level of capability you never had before.
Your biceps can hold you back on the bigger lifts just like any other muscle, so you can't just ignore them.
Add complexity to your glute training to build functional strength.
Strong obliques allows us to maintain spinal rigidity whilst being under external forces.
This exercise will build strength, power, and force by working the posterior oblique subsystem.
For Kristin Guerra, CrossFit isn't just about beating the clock. It's about winning the fight against Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Corrective exercise is all the rage in fitness today, but how does it best apply to individual programming?