functional strength

There are a few universal rules that everyone should follow no matter what your goal.
Here's a good story about someone obsessed with strength training. If you're creative, you can train hard using items around your home.
If you want strong lats and phenomenal core strength, then the front lever is an exercise for you.
By focusing on imbalances, you can correct deficiencies before they become serious or lead to injury.
Paying more attention to your muscles during the eccentric phase of any exercise is a good way to essentially access untapped strength.
There's a whole world of strength and fitness out there that women are just beginning to explore.
Many buzzwords seem to fly around the fitness industry, and "functional" seems to be the most common one.
Real world capability trumps gym strength every time.
Overhaul your gym sessions to see tremendous improvement in your sporting prowess.
The unexpected way to turn a twenty dollar garage sale purchase into explosive, real-world strength.
What would you do with just a barbell, yourself, and the endless expanse of Arizona desert?
Lifting heavy barbells is good, but moving things outside the gym is what real strength is about.
Getting stronger doesn't have to be complicated. Use farmer's carries to increase your strength and improve your yoga practice.
Practicing jumping outside of yoga will make the small jumps in your yoga practice lighter and easier.
Don't short-change your athletes. Training across a full standing spectrum will increase strength without sacrificing movement and health.
Strong obliques allows us to maintain spinal rigidity whilst being under external forces.
Check your movement quality every session. At the beginning and end. No, I'm not kidding.