Imagine where you could be if eliminated one excuse per week for one year straight.
Are you doing things just to do them, or are they getting you closer to where you want to be?
What separates elite athletes from the rest is their investment and belief in their own success.
If the fire is gone from your training, make these changes to get it back.
With a little planning and effort, you can stay on track while on vacation.
Tidying up your health and wellness mindset can transform your training from a chore to a joy.
The best program is one written just for you, but when does personalization become counterproductive?
Your goals are simpler than you think, and so are the methods that will get you there.
You don't owe anyone an explanation about your lifestyle. Do what's right for you.
If you fall into one of these five mindsets, you could be sabotaging your efforts.
Commit to healthy habits that will make your future self proud.
When handled in a healthy way, contest prep will teach you about yourself, your true abilities, and your real strength.
What type of training modality is best for athletes? We all move the iron now, but how we do it is the new minefield.
These two main elements are an absolute must if you want to stay motivated all the time.
Never settle for mediocre - there are more options now than ever when it comes to finding the perfect place to train.
The mark of a good trainer isn't the ability to work with an athlete, but rather with the Average Joe.
Planning, consistency, and remembering to have fun will help you prioritize training and achieve your goals.