group exercise

The midline rule determines which stance to use for any lift and teaches the lifter to think for themselves.
So many of us can relate to the struggles of change, the challenges of being a parent, and learning to balance both your life and your families. Here is one story to inspire.
When it's hot out, do you workout at the same intensity as you would with cooler weather or do you take it down a notch?
You may lose muscle mass as you age, but you don’t have to lose cognitive function.
The personal training game is changing, and you'd better change with it.
Don't drown your athletes in a flood of cues and information.
Once you've decided to make a change, this is how you can get started.
The mood, emotion, and energy in an class hinges on the ‘soundtrack’ you play.
How do you know if your gym is a break from the stress or yet another burden to your clients? Ask yourself these questions.
From CrossFit, to boot camp, to Zumba, group training is here to stay. Here's how to make the most of it.
You will recognize all ten of these workouts, but which one is the most effective use of time in the gym?
Your score in your training session today is not as meaningful as achieving your big picture goal.
It took me years to jump in and do a triathlon myself. I had all the usual excuses. So here's my advice.
A social component has been shown to improve weight loss results. A recent study showed smaller groups are ideal.
if you’ve ever watched a team rally and come back from a huge deficit, then you’ve seen people in group flow.
The social psychologist in me always wants to point out that context is really what makes people work as a team versus stab each other in the back.
What I do is something of a hybrid between personal trainer and group exercise instructor, which is to say, I am a group personal trainer.