healthy habits

Work harder. But really, just work harder...oh, and eat better.
When you make movement a natural extension of your daily patterns, it is easy to fit exercise into every day.
Let's put an end to fat-shaming and our unhealthy obsession with losing weight.
There’s a really important reason everyone should have or should work to regain, the ability to squat below parallel.
Dilute the power of weighing yourself regularly on scales with a variety of other forms of success that can also be easily tracked.
To understand why health and fitness changes don’t last, you have to start with people’s real values.
This 30x30 challenge synchronizes training to spur big results.
It’s natural for us to be short-sighted in our goals—because who doesn’t want massive change right now?
The issue is a culture of too little personal responsibility and capacity for discomfort.
This challenge will offer a clear daily adversity that stokes your capacity to act while introducing you to a variety of training methods.
The reality is, 80 percent of people who have sleep apnea don’t know it.
The most sustainable, sensible, and successful lifestyle habits aren’t always sexy, but they work.
Few influences have been as broadly destructive as unchecked smartphone culture and junk food eating habits.
For consistent positive actions, we must consider how our environment may knowingly or unknowingly manipulate a default choice.
The modern health epidemic is a product of the norms and distorted expectations created in people’s earliest years.
Everyone knows what wall I’m talking about, and when you hit it, there’s no going through it. So how do we learn to begin with to go around it, so we never walk into it?
In this roundup of nutrition, beets are a superstar for athletes.