healthy lifestyle

There’s a really important reason everyone should have or should work to regain, the ability to squat below parallel.
Dilute the power of weighing yourself regularly on scales with a variety of other forms of success that can also be easily tracked.
Fun fact in case you missed it—the only difference between brown and white eggs are that brown eggs come from chickens with brown feathers and white eggs come from chickens with white feathers.
Lifestyle change often fails because we try to do too much and we train too little.
To understand why health and fitness changes don’t last, you have to start with people’s real values.
Treats are such a common staple today that you couldn’t possibly eat them every time they were offered without gaining unwanted weight.
Knowing what your "why" is can be helpful in getting started, but you'll need more if you plan on sustaining your efforts.
It’s natural for us to be short-sighted in our goals—because who doesn’t want massive change right now?
People need more physical movement, more time in nature, and more connection.
Change up your barbequed burger routine with a little something unexpected.
The most sustainable, sensible, and successful lifestyle habits aren’t always sexy, but they work.
The modern health epidemic is a product of the norms and distorted expectations created in people’s earliest years.
The nutrition world is shrouded in bad advice and distracted by irrelevant arguments. We need to stop looking for quick fixes and start using common sense in our pursuit of better nutrition.
Easy and economical, this simple soup is a quick and flavorful way to feed your family.
It is the age of choice and opportunity. The sky is the limit and often that creates paralysis by analysis.
Stews that “stick to the ribs” have a comforting appeal, particularly during the most recent polar vortex.
Focusing on the small steps that need to be taken on a consistent basis is the key to success.