hollow hold

Ditch the I can’t get to the gym excuses, because there’s no place like home.
Going back to basics and addressing static posture is the best way to overcome an injury or even a strength plateau.
Learn the fundamental shapes for control, strength, well-roundedness, and sustainability.
Strengthen and tone your abdominals with these effective options.
You must get your base strength and flexibility lined out before moving to complex movements you aren't ready for.
If you want to be able to move like a gymnast, start by creating a strong, stable core.
Season 2 of Virtuosity is about handstands and handstand walking. By the end of this series, you'll be handstand walking up stairs! This week Dusty starts with basic handstand position.
In part two of our road to the muscle-up, gymnastics expert and coach Dusty Hyland talks about the importance of the hollow position and how to practice the hollow hold.