injury recovery

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a great test, but don't get so distracted by it that you lose sight of your training goals. Read about how I melded training and my FMS results.
If you have ever been injured as an athlete, you've experienced the depressing reality of muscle atrophy. Scientists recently discovered a protein, Gadd45a, as the cause of atrophy.
Sally broke her wrist in BJJ, but she still wants to train. Is there any way to keep training martial arts and conditioning with a broken wrist? Coach Andrew gives his opinion.
41 was a rough year full of injuries and surgeries, but now that I'm on the other side I'm a more balanced person. Learn how I recovered and the essential lessons I learned along the way.
The ankle, when injured, loses its sense of proprioception quickly. The recovery can be tricky. Taking a global approach to rehabilitation leads to getting back to activity sooner and stronger.
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Is yoga really a dangerous practice? A recent article in The New York Times, discussed an overwhelming phenomenon happening with serious and even deadly yoga related injuries.