Periodization is the ultimate tool you can use to reach your goals.
A correctly designed program with all the right exercises and sets and reps is only half the story. The other half is the effort you put in.
We know training must be hard to be effective—the bad news is that it has to get harder.
Research shows that many lifters simply aren't selecting high enough loads to make progress.
Maximum effort is expensive so, don't waste it on technique drills and accessory movements.
The old Russian training principles weren't conceived with your goals in mind.
Here's how you can use research to guide your lifting life.
As humans, we’ve crafted our environment to make life easy. While that’s helped us get where we are today, it comes at a potential price.
Long, slow, unsexy work may not make you an internet celebrity, but it's essential to your health and athletic development.
Why am I promoting this workout? It's simple to understand, easy to implement, and it will work if you work.
If you don’t track your training volume, you are leaving out a key method to assess progress.
Mindless volume will never be as effective as high intensity to create progress toward your fitness goals.
It's time to understand the numbers. The key is to know what each is for and not to do more reps than you have to.
We're human and not infallible. We all screw up from time to time. Here is a short list of what I believe are the common training transgressions.
Managing intensity and fatigue is the key to a well-rounded program.
Learning when and how to go hard will enhance your performance and create longevity in your life.
Factor in fatigue when calculating your starting weight for a strength program.