Isometric resistance training (IRT) is easily accessible and may be a very useful, low cost intervention for sufferers of high blood pressure.
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Those who train together stay together.
Even if you can still exercise, play sports, and move in general with a herniated disc, there are a few precautions and steps you need to take to stop the owie from kicking your butt.
You will need a strap to follow this segment, so that the muscles get the full opening effect while staying in a contracted state.
Many of us females pull and pull and still don’t have a pull-up. Let's change that.
Jordan McNair died at the age of 19. A call for better communication, principle-based training, proper planning, and greater caution in physical challenges.
Injuries aren’t a curse. They’re feedback.
While men were faster and more powerful at first, they became more exhausted much faster than the women.
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