You will need a strap to follow this segment, so that the muscles get the full opening effect while staying in a contracted state.
Many of us females pull and pull and still don’t have a pull-up. Let's change that.
Jordan McNair died at the age of 19. A call for better communication, principle-based training, proper planning, and greater caution in physical challenges.
Injuries aren’t a curse. They’re feedback.
While men were faster and more powerful at first, they became more exhausted much faster than the women.
Sitting around with a little time on your hand or, just looking for a simpler approach to strength and conditioning? These bodyweight exercises can work for you any place, any time.
If the wheels have fallen off your progress, it's time to try something new to get rolling again.
Body control is an essential athletic skill, and the L-sit is an excellent tool to build it. Follow Timothy Bell's guide to holding a perfect L-sit.
A new study suggests isometric training may have real value for your back squat.
Sometimes, standing still can be the best way to train for speed.
The dragon flag will train your core to awesome levels of tension and control - just like Rocky.
This bodyweight hold will help you cross the bridge to athletic longevity.
Isometrics is largely unknown in comparison to weight training. And in my opinion, most people use isometrics incorrectly.
Absolute strength can be subdivided into concentric, eccentric, and static strength. But just what are these different expressions of strength?
I'm going to explain why and how isometric training works, and then give you two different protocols you can follow.
Zass was not a weight lifter but performed feats such as bending bars, breaking chains, massive support and carrying lifts, and even several teeth lifts - there's even video of him doing this.
Post-activiation potentation, or PAP. Lifting heavy and sprinting hard. Turns out the lifting heavy part helps you go faster. Now science examines isometric PAP and rowing sprints with good results.