Your feet are a major source of power and the only connection you have to the ground as you take off in a run, a jump, or a major lift. Treat them well.
Most of us don’t spend all that much time training to be more explosive and powerful, and we really should.
This is a simple, effective, and complete training program to help you operate better in the world.
We squat, we press, we deadlift, we push, we pull—all linear movements. Rarely do we incorporate lateral movements into our training plan and yet we really should.
Jumping is a very natural, simple, and massively effective means to train power.
Execute burpees with caution and care and you can take your training to the next level.
While strength is definitely important and should be part of any runner’s off-season programming, so is the ability to develop power.
Among all the ingredients for performance, nothing sharpens the blade like adding velocity and acceleration.
These tips help NFL Combine hopefuls (and you) take flight on the vertical and broad jump.
If the swing and get up can improve the impressive balance of ballet dancers, chances are kettlebells can do the same for you.
Plyometrics can enhance explosiveness, power, and body control. Here's how to maximize effectiveness and safety.
The backflip is a cool stunt - and also ideal to train body awareness and athletic power.
If you want to improve agility, mobility, and athleticism, learn the back handspring.
Strength from the the kettlebell swing improves deadlifting, squatting, and even weightlifting.
Runners who perform plyometric exercises run faster and more economically than those who don’t.
Bands are much like drugs - once you get hooked, it is difficult to get off them.
Does the front of your knee hurt? These solutions need no fancy equipment, and will get you back to setting personal records.