kettlebell technique

Nothing will expose your mobility or stability problems faster than squatting with a weight over your head.
There is no better tool to force your entire body to work as one cohesive piece.
Kettlebell snatches are good for a lot more than conditioning, but there's more to them than "a swing that ends up overhead."
Swings get all the love, but the one-arm snatch rules all kettlebell movements.
Even strong individuals find kettlebell sport lifting painful, frustrating, almost impossible in the beginning. That’s because they lack this one element.
Learn from my mistakes. You'll be stronger and faster in the long-run, and remain so for a long time.
Focus on these movements for the next four to six weeks. Work up to a heavy kettlebell. You can thank me later.
Give the double kettlebell snatch a try if you're looking to test strength, create endurance, and challenge your coordination.
Lauren Brooks has upped her game with another great kettlebell workout DVD.
CrossFit will never not do the American swing. It fits their math, so it’s going to be done. But that doesn't mean you have to do it.
If you've been cleaning your kettlebell and have wound up with a huge bruise on you forearm, never fear, this video will cure your issue.
Few exercises compare to the expression of strength and power you can develop with this movement.