Replacing the phone in your life with kettlebells every now and then? Sounds like a good way to make fitness work.
Select weights based on the ability to complete each set with quality, uninterrupted reps.
Stay within designated rest, and take less if you need less - standardize breathing, focus on mechanics, and mitigate fatigue by managing your mind.
Just because it's automatic, doesn't mean you're doing it well.
Stand strong and organized- tension helps build strength, provided we stay engaged in the process.
Complete as many rounds as possible, working hard during the work, and focusing on recovery during the rest.
Move in sound, powerful, and efficient positions.
This week, almost the halfway point, we get to full appreciate the kettlebell swing as well as those times when we ditch the smartphone for real.
Once you have mastered the foundational movement of the hip hinge, then you are ready to start to load the movement.
If sets require interruption, make as minor an adjustment as needed and complete the next uninterrupted.
Strength building, positional awareness, and active cool-down are all equal components of your drills.
Weights on all movements today are self-scaled and challenging- put in what you expect to get out, and adjust by round as needed.
Be creative with implement and weight, should you choose to use them, and scale each set to your full ability.
If reps become singles or position breaks, adjust weight immediately and continue safely.
It's a good time to clarify purpose and values in order to maintain motivation and to keep moving with purpose, of course.
You'd better do your homework, and your gym work, before you show up for your RKC weekend.
Each set should pose a significant challenge- weakest lift/ transition governs weight, and denotes improvement for next time.