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The question, "Which fighter wins?" is one that will likely never die. It's the question that spawned the UFC itself. What have we learned from the sport as it evolved? Is there a dominant art?
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week: the CrossFit Open, martial arts, accepting yourself, and more!
This beautiful footage is a compilation of moments, amazing techniques, submissions, and celebrations from the planet's best grapplers at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship of 2012.
I was born with a fierce competitive streak and it took me a while to learn how to use it productively. Here's what I learned - the best parts of being competitive and the gifts it brings me.
While we all might like to avoid getting hit, it turns out the best way to learn that is to practice getting hit. Taking a hit, metaphorically and physically, provides a big lesson for us.
Dennis Bermudez takes pleasure in breaking people and plans to do so again at UFC 157. Here's some insight into the training and mindset of a UFC fighter preparing to go into the Octagon.
Think you're great at double unders and that's all that jumping rope has to offer? Think again. Check out this progressive system of weighted cables from CrossRope for a new and serious challenge.
Those of you new to the world of MMA might not be as familiar with the fighters who grew the sport. One of the most impressive amongst them is the Russian fighter known simply as Fedor.
Are you a trainer looking to prepare fighters for MMA matches? Or maybe you're an MMA fighter looking to get stronger? Coach Sabina Skala shares her expertise and her training program.
Through trial and error I have discovered a list of essential items for BJJ. Not the least of which is a good bottle of Head & Shoulders. Here's the rest of my list of must-have gear, as well.
If you are a combat sports athlete trying to build strength and conditioning into your training, check out these kettlebell workouts. You'll get fitter without being destroyed for your skill training.
David Brown loves the capturing the individualism and expression of Brazilian jiu jitsu and skateboarding with his camera. Here are some of his favorite (and completely beautiful) images.
Who better to explain the life and philosophy of Bruce Lee than Lee himself. In this video he explains his unique thoughts behind his martial arts practice.
Martial arts were another popular topic over the last year. Here are our top ten martial arts articles from 2012, written by coaches and athletes from a variety of disciplines.
I'm a BJJ blue belt and in February I'll be competing in my first IBJJF tournament. I've enlisted the help of a team of coaches to create a special 8-week training program to prepare me. Here we go!
Core strength is important for the transfer of power from one part of the body to another - especially important in a sport like judo. Here's a program I recommend for building core strength for judo.
I’ve always been fascinated by the athlete who doesn’t know when to say “when.” I thought about this recently watching a Jens Pulver documentary, but it's a recurring theme in sports.