mature athlete

I set a new Canadian record at a recent meet, and plan to try for the world record in June.
Leaving my gym bag at home turned out to be a good mistake, as I set a new beltless deadlift record.
My next competition is less than two weeks away, and I'm feeling pretty confident but still being cautious.
One of the highlights of my training this week was a failed lift, and this is why.
I spent all week preparing for a heavy snatch session on Saturday, and was pleased with the results.
This week I found a way to work around my cranky shoulder during the bench press.
Your joints are achier, muscles tighter, and injuries more frequent. The thought creeps into your mind, "It's not that I can't, but should I?"
The week ended with a bit of pain in my elbow and wrist, but otherwise it was a solid training week.
Remember that the goal is not to meet your need to be of assistance, but to meet the need of someone who is going through a difficult time
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With my meet coming up, I'm focusing on adjusting my weight and staying healthy and on track with my training.
Ramping up my training volume, especially on weak areas and without sacrificing intensity, is doing me a lot of good.
I've gotten a lot of questions about squat periodization lately. Here's an explanation of what I do and why.
For aesthetic and strength-building reasons, I've been doing higher reps in my training these days.
Most of this week was spent working on mobility and trying to alleviate aches and pains, but it was worth it.
My volume was a lot lower this week, but I still got in some quality work on the squat and bench.
My training volume this week was the highest it's been in a while, so I may have to take a deload week.