mature athletes

The most important thing to realize is that though you may feel like a young you, your body has other ideas.
To be successful in lifting, you have to use the greatest amount of intensity that you can sustain long-term.
Some days I feel confident and walk away from my training with a smile, and others are more of a challenge. The key is to keep my momentum.
Take a look at my training plan, and you'll notice I vary movements, sets, and reps throughout the week. Here's why.
I think every person on the planet has these masks wrong right now, including the company that makes and sells them.
Recently someone asked what I attribute to my lifting success as an older athlete. Here's my response.
I'm eighteen weeks out from the AAU Powerlifting World Championships. Here's my training plan.
I competed in the 2014 100% Raw! Federation’s American Challenge last weekend, and was happy with the results.
Pain and discomfort made my training difficult this week, but I managed to work around it.
My body was feeling good this week, and I planned my workouts carefully to get in as much volume as I could.
New studies are suggesting the numbers of repetitions per set matters much less than how hard you push yourself.
The PanAmerican Championships are right around the corner, so I am trying to get in more alone time in the gym.
Lately I’m focusing on work, rather than saving myself on my warm ups so that I can display my strength at the top set.
At 42, Cheryl Brost is signing with the San Francisco Fire, one of the premier teams in the National Pro Fitness League.
I set a new Canadian record at a recent meet, and plan to try for the world record in June.
Leaving my gym bag at home turned out to be a good mistake, as I set a new beltless deadlift record.
My next competition is less than two weeks away, and I'm feeling pretty confident but still being cautious.