There are as many different kinds of chiropractors as there are any other type of health practitioners. Here's a little bit more about them and how you can choose the right one for you.
Did you know the biggest part of your immune system is your gastrointestinal tract? Your guts are the first line of defense against intruders. Here are 5 tips to bolster your immune system.
We've heard football is dangerous when it comes to concussions. Turns out soccer players are at higher risk for ALS, too. And MMA fighters? Well, that one seems pretty obvious, right?
Sickle cell trait kills athletes every year. As a coach you need to understand what it is, how to prevent it, and in case of emergency, how to treat it and save the life of your athlete.
Want to help your teenager be a better, healthier athlete? Get them to bed on time. New research shows a direct correlation between injury risk and lack of sleep in adolescent athletes.
Like many of you, I have knee problems, but I don't want to stop training. This week I'll share how I get rid of swelling and increase circulation so I can move my knee like normal.
As a health practitioner I use Graston Technique on my clients regularly. It was an injured athlete who originally created it to help heal a knee injury. Read on to find out how Graston can help you.
I'm not one for homeopathic treatments, but recently when my sports doctor recommended Traumeel for my calf tear I decided to give it a try. The results are nothing short of miraculous.
Forget holding your breath under water and toss those old calipers. The new standard for measuring body composition is the DEXA scan. Find out what it is and how to get one.
As a chiropractor I hear a lot of questions and concerns. What is chiropractic? When did I first have it done and how often do I do it? What does it even do? Here are the answers I tell my patients.
A basic understanding of how your body produces energy can shed light on the way you should train.
Even more research that football is bad for your brain health. Researchers examined death certificates of NFL players and looked at the incidence of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and ALS.
According to a Mayo Clinic study, regular exercise has been shown to reduce the recurrence of breast or colon cancer by up to fifty percent and help maintain functionality during recovery.
Heart attacks that are exercise related are less likely to kill you and less likely to have lasting neurological damage. New research proves this and helps to explain the reasons why.
Your doctor may have told you to do cardio to help prevent type 2 diabetes. New research shows resistance training has a huge impact on lowering the risk of the disease.
If you have ever been injured as an athlete, you've experienced the depressing reality of muscle atrophy. Scientists recently discovered a protein, Gadd45a, as the cause of atrophy.
We all know we are more susceptible to getting sick when we travel, but science took a hard look at how crossing time zones has an incremental effect on the health of elite athletes.