Fat doesn't just sit on your body; it is actually an organ that produces significant hormones - and can do significant damage. Find out the ways in which excess fat is actually a ticking time bomb.
A recent study revealed that asthma is the most chronic condition among Olympic athletes, with around 8% of the athletes suffering from the condition - and outperforming non-asthma sufferers.
A recent study suggests water with high concentrations of calcium and bicarbonate can improve hydration and improve pH balance in athletes after short term anaerobic exercise.
Maybe you've used a knee strap to brace your knee, or you've seen people at the gym wearing them. Lots of people have knee issues, but do those straps actually do anything? Science takes a look.
Of the 2,462 athletes listed in the sudden death registry at the Minneapolis Heart Institute, 23 were sudden cardiac deaths in young African American athletes, correlated with sickle cell trait.
Everyone always tells you to ice an injury. It is generally thought that topical cooling has positive effects. However, new evidence has been presented that suggests this just may not be true.
Maybe you think "floating" is for hippies or you've been scared off by "Altered States," but I can say from experience and from reading research that floating has real and enjoyable health benefits.
Recent research based on competitive athletes indicates a person's risk for injury is mainly determined by their sport and gender, not their fitness level.
New surgical technique - ipsilateral iliotibal band autograft - offers hope for athletes suffering from hip injury and chronic hip conditions.
The flu is blamed for approximately 36,000 deaths and 500,000 hospitalizations in the United States every year. What if you could use exercise and meditation to alleviate your flu and cold symptoms?
New science looks into the causes behind sports hernias. It may actually be related to a hip condition known as Femoral Acetabular Impingement.
Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is an amazing hands-on, spiritual form of relaxation and stress reduction that promotes healing, health and peace. But what can it do for you as an athlete?
Sudden deaths are an all too familiar story in youth sports. Now, new research has led to new suggestions for heart health screenings for young athletes.
Shoulder injuries are common in athletes, especially baseball players. But shoulder surgery is frequently not successful. New research suggests non-surgical treatments may actually be most effective.
How can poking your feet and hands help you heal on the inside? In this week's video Jon explains the science and theories behind reflexology and how it might be useful for you.
Imagine you could not only train your body through exercise, but also your inner ear. New research shows simple exercises, as opposed to costly medicine, could mean relief for chronic dizziness.
Hopefully you're all taking your fish oil by now. Just in case you're not, here are eight articles on what it is and why it's an essential daily supplement.