The founder of Chicago Primal Gym chats with Coach Shane Trotter about the methods and mindsets that create a sustainable, healthy life.
Since the FDA recommends finding alternative treatment and management methods to alleviate the muscular pain and stiffness caused by fibromyalgia isn't it worth giving yoga a try?
The knowledge that your time is limited must act as a catalyst to live each day more fully, and there are concrete habits that can help you do it.
When looking at price and performance this mat is a must have for any fitness professional, enthusiast, yogi, or crosstrainer.
Whether or not you reach your potential hinges on your ability to work and wait.
Meditation, mindfulness, and stress management are all different things, but they may all produce the same effects.
You can overcome the landscape of distractions and get more from each moment of your training.
Meditation is a scientifically proven way of enhancing your mental performance.
Beyond the numbers and percentages in training, how is your brain adopting and improving your skills?
Mindfulness can alter the state of your nervous system and get you back in the game sooner.
You need to get more reps in, but not with a barbell.
Exercise doesn't always equal movement.
Find what centers you, shed your stressors, and your training plateau will disappear.
This recovery method is elegantly simple to practice, requires little space and no special equipment.
Connect with your spiritual body and take your training to a new level.
Want to help sick kids and improve your life at the same time? It’s free - all it takes is a little bit of your time.
Try this simple and effective breath practice to unplug from your daily responsibilities and concerns.